Transformers EZ-17 Optimus Prime Maximus


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  • JAPAN Version
  • Led dan fitur suara
  • Dapat berubah menjadi kendaraan perang
  • Tinggi figur sekitar 35-cm
  • Baru / Box Packaging / MIB


Takara Tomy Transformers EZ-17 Optimus Prime Maximus

Optimus Maximus is a powerful mobile Autobot battle platform. It is so powerful, in fact, that some Autobot commanders are hesitant to use it, even if it could turn the tide of a battle. Even Megatron fears its power.

JAPAN Version
-35cm height
-Light Up & Sound feature
-transformable to Vehicle
-Easy to play & transforms by children and nice to collect for collectors
-Insert-able Cyberverse Transformers


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