Transformers Beast Wars Psyco Orb


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  • Tinggi figur sekitar 13-cm
  • Baru / Box Mica Clamshell

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Transformers Predacon Decepticon Psyco Orb

A Predacon born on ancient Earth during the time of the Beast Wars, Psycho-Orb (サイコオーブ Saiko Ōbu) followed his leader Megatron through the Blasty Zone, ending up in the year 2004 and helping him take over the Decepticons in the absence of their Megatron.

Psycho-Orb’s defensive capabilities are highly advanced; his beast mode shell is nearly impenetrable and can withstand temperatures up to 6000° Celsius. He also has the ability to move objects via psychokinesis, giving him unique combat capabilities.


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