Star Wars Republic Commando Delta Squad Exclusive Boxset


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  • Set of 7 figure
  • Ukuran skala 1:18 (3.75-inch action figure)
  • Penuh artikulasi
  • Tinggi figur sekitar 10 cm
  • Figure Exclusive Limited Edition
  • Baru / MisB

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Star Wars Internet Exclusive Republic Commando Delta Squad

This Very Rare Internet exclusive set of Clone Trooper Delta Squad action figures brings you what you’ve been craving! This quartet of colorful clones and trio of villainous Geonosians are fan favorites– some offered as toys for the very first time! This singular collector’s group of 7 characters provides everything you need for a dandy battle, and each figure comes with the weapons and accessories needed to fight the good fight during the Clone Wars! Includes:

1x Delta Three-Eight / RC-1138 ‘Boss’
1x Delta Four-Oh / RC-1140 ‘Fixer’
1x Delta Oh-Seven / RC-1207 ‘Sev’
1x Delta Six-Two / RC-1262 ‘Scorch’
1x Geonosian Warrior (purple)
1x Geonosian Warrior with Blaster
1x Sun Fac


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