RARE! Infernal Parade Bethany Bled


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  • LANGKA! Bethany Bled dari Clive Barker’s The Infernal Parade
  • Ukuran sekitar 7-inch (18-cm)
  • Baru / Clamshell Packaging / MIC
    *plastik clamshell kekuningan
Stok Habis

Stok Habis

McFarlane Toys Infernal Parade: Bethany Bled The Prisner In The Iron Maiden

This is a rare find figure!

The Infernal Parade, the newest action figure collaboration between Todd McFarlane and Clive Barker. See what happens behind the curtain when the Circus comes to town. The package includes the figure, diorama stage display and several accessories.

Bethany Bled, the beautiful prisoner in the iron maiden, is one attraction that never seems to have trouble gathering a crowd when the Infernal Parade rolls it fiendish wheels into town.

  • 7 inch scale (18-cm)
  • highly detailed sculpting
  • poseable
  • include dioarma stage display & accessories
  • New in box; Outer plastic clamshell package has yellowish tint



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