Aliens Power Loader Diecast with Ripley


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  • Aliens Power loader + Ripley dari film Aliens
  • Ukuran skala 1:12 (tinggi power loader sekitar 23-cm; Ripley 15-cm)
  • Baru / Box Packaging / MIB

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Aoshima Aliens Power Loader Diecast with Ripley action figure

Imported from Japan! Featured in the blockbuster hit Aliens, this is the walking forklift that played a key role in Ripley’s climactic showdown aboard the Sulaco against the relentless Alien Queen! This beautifully detailed model kit measures 9-inches tall when assembled and includes vinyl “hydraulic” tubing and a 1:12 scale Ripley figure. Let your artistic freedom fly because painting is required. The model kit includes illustrated instructions and a color graphic box.

It’s die-cast metal. The 9″ tall body section is all die-cast. The arms are a solid plastic, but the legs and trunk are die-cast, giving it a terrific weight.

Every joint that could be articulated, is. The ankles move both front to back and side-to-side. The knees and hips ratchet, the main claws can rotate and go in any direction. You can get any pose from the movie (and more) and get it really in the grips of claw-to-clamp combat with the Alien Queen.

  • 1:12 scale Diecast high quality details
  • Power loader stands about 9-inch tall
  • Fully Articulated; poseable
  • Ripley figure stands approximately 6-inch tall
  • include weapons & accessories




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