1/6 Scale Mad Max Wasteland Ranger


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  • Ukuran skala 1:6 (12-inch action figure)
  • Detail sangat tinggi
  • Tinggi figur sekitar 30 cm
  • Full artikulasi
  • Aksesoris sangat banyak
  • Baru / Box Packaging / MISB
Stok Habis

Stok Habis

VTS 1/6 Scale Mad Max Wasteland Ranger

VTS Toys (VM-014) 1/6th scale Wasteland Ranger 12-inch figure come with:

real like head sculpt, action body, two (2) pair of hands. Costume / outfit: black scarf, black leather jacket, black leather pants, black leather belt, combat boots, tactical body vest, T-shirt. Weapons: Glock 17, sawed off shotgun, SKS rifle and sight, combat knife, M9 pistol with magazine, Uzi mag x 2, AK47 mag x 2, shotgun shell x 4, grenade x 3, 7.62mm linked ammo (metal), 7.62mm bullet x 8, MP5 mag x 2. Accessories: drop leg pistol holster, medical aid box, leg brace, shoulder pads, bracelet, mask (metal), iron chain, transfusion tube, stock cheek rest cartridge stock ammo pouch, figure stand


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